About Us

Washable Produce Bags is a family owned business founded by Cindi Valverde, a multi-media artist and former sewing instructor.

While sitting at her sewing machine, she hit on the idea of using leftover nylon mesh material to create a bag you could not only see through but would also breathe, dry off quickly, and of course, be reusable; perfect for carrying, washing and storing produce .

Creating uses for things that most people would throw away has been a life-long passion of hers, and when customers at grocery stores saw her produce bags, they all wanted to know where they could get them. Realizing that there was tremendous need for products that reduce waste and promote sustainability, she went ahead and created the artwork and packaging concept herself and began full scale production in 2009.

Washable Produce Bags were the first reusable produce bags to hit the retail market using nylon mesh material as opposed to polyester, and are now being carried by quality grocery retailers throughout the nation.

Cindi continues to explore new and innovative ideas for reusable products. Sign in to our blog page for the latest news and updates. If our bags are not available in your favorite grocery store, please let them know they can order Washable Produce Bags by logging on to our wholesale page. Of course, you can always purchase directly from us right here.