Why Our Washable Produce Bags?

Customers and Grocers ask us all the time, why your bags? Here are a few of the reasons people prefer our bags over others or using plastic bags provided at the grocery store.

Washable Produce Bags Characters CT, Deevine, and Brock

Reduces Plastic

Reduces single use plastic bags because they can be used over and over again.

See Through

Produce can be scaned and washed while in the bag


Our 100% nylon bags are hand or machine washable.

Quick Drying

Our bags dry in minutes and do not retain moisture


Made from strong 100% nylon, our bags will last a long time


Our reusable produce bags can be easily tucked in a pocket or tote

Reusable Package

The package is a reusable washable bag

Fresher Produce

Some produce stays fresh longer in our reusable Washable Produce Bags

Many Uses

Our nylon bags  have many other uses