Will my produce stay fresh in these bags?

Most vegetable will do fine just as they are in the bag in your refrigerator. Wrap leafy greens, such as lettuce, in a damp towel as these vegetables tend to dry out quickly. Fruit such as apples and pears will benefit from the mesh material that allows the ethylene gas that these fruits release to escape, thus helping to preserve the fruit. The bag has no chemicals in it that will preserve produce.

Have the bags been tested for toxic substances?

Yes, Washable Produce Bags have been tested by the FDA for food contact, metals, and phthalates (California bill AB 1108:2007 and California Prop 65) by an independent laboratory.

Soap in a Bag

You know how that bar of soap in the shower gets too big to throw away and too small to use?  Try using a WPB to hold your  small  soaps. We  recommend using the 6″ by 7″ bag size.  Got other uses for our  bags, tell us about it.

Plastic Bags Illegal in California