The washable produce bags have turned out to be a great item for our store. We were originally sent one box of the washable produce bags several weeks ago. We sold out of the bags within three to four days. It was really great to see the bags fly out of our store sosoon. We look forward to continue sales with the washable produce bags.


“Your washable produce bags are the bomb!! It is one of my best selling items in the store. I personally use them all the time and I love them! I have even gone so far to give some of my own away to friends and family, and they also love them. I really love the idea of reducing the use of plastic bags for produce AND you can wash your goodies easily in the bags. They are always with me when I shop! Thank you for such a great product!”

Loren Hilden


“Thanks for my recent shipment of produce bags. Every where I use them I get positive comments. A few of the checkers at Big Tree Market in Arnold love them. If there are any local stores who carry them please let me know so I can refer people. I just wanted you to know what a great product you have.”