Can I put these bags in the dryer?

These bags dry so quickly that there is no need to put these bags in the dryer. You can pat them dry in a towel or just shake them off. But if you prefer, it’s no problem to toss them in the dryer.


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  1. Gary Weber
    Gary Weber says:

    You didn’t answer the person’s question.

    Can these bags be used in 170 degree F water? If so, what is the upper temperature limit?


    • Steven Valverde
      Steven Valverde says:

      Hi Gary
      Sorry for the delayed response.
      This looks like one of the questions under FAQ’s which is under the “Why Our Bags” tab.
      I guess we need to make this more accessible.
      In any case, yes, you can put these bags in the dryer and in 170 degree water with no problem.
      Nylon is very stable with a very high melting point.
      Thanks foe asking.
      Steven Valverde

  2. Steven Valverde
    Steven Valverde says:

    Hi again Gary

    OK I see what you’re saying now.

    We didn’t say yes, you can put the bags in the dryer in the answer to the question.
    We’ll fix it ASAP.
    Thanks for pointing that out

    Steve Valverde


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